RSign & RMail Free Work-from-Home Program to Help End-Users During Crisis

End-User Work-from-Home Rapid Readiness Program

We believe this coming week will mark the largest global migration from work-in-office to work-from-home, ever. People will need to find ways to do more themselves, without the comfort of their support staff and office systems. IT staff may be hard pressed to urgently get all their staff equipped to continue business from home.

To make things worse, cyber criminals appear to be gleeful at all of the new opportunities to gain access to systems, information, and funds,

We’re doing what we can to help our customers everywhere. We’ve created a free Work-from-Home Rapid Readiness Program, which provides an e-signature, email security, and file sharing toolkit with RSign and RMail.

Even though RSign and RMail are highly affordable, we believe making these free for people everywhere in light of the pandemic will simplify life for IT and procurement staff, as they can put email security and e-signature services in the hands of all end-users now and optimise later.

With a 2-minute install into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, or using our web apps, everyone is automatically enabled for RSign and RMail business licenses at no cost. Simple and fast — install from any RSign or Mail website or partner program worldwide.

Read the full text of RPosts CEO letter here.

GET STARTED: End-users, IT staff or Procurement staff, click here to get started or learn more.

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